Best CQB Gun Ever?

Airsoft is awesome, there's no arguing that. One of the things that make it awesome is that there are ton of different ways to play and an equal amount of ways to have fun doing so. CQB or Speedsoft is a widely popular style of play among younger players and the new ARP-9 from G&G ARMAMENT may be the best gun ever for that type of play.

So here's the skinny: the gun comes stock with a mosfet, has a polymer body, a metal M-lok front rail system, flip up iron sights, flat trigger, and a 300 round hicap stick magazine. The drum mag pictured is optional and holds approx 1500 bb's.

My copy of the gun that I had for testing shot right at 350 +/- 3fps which is perfect for most cqb arenas and surprisingly has a good amount of range for a lower velocity aeg.

The stock on the ARP-9 is unique and rather cool looking imo. Battery space wise you can fit a buffer tube battery, I used an 11.1v 800mah.

I don't play a lot of "speedsoft" but if I did this would be exactly what I would want to use. Small and light weight with the power of a full size gearbox (with mosfet) make this hard to beat when playing in tight areas where you have to make quick snap shots around corners. Add the optional drum mag and you don't even need to wear any gear! Heck, you'll run out of battery before you need to reload.

Retail is around $200usd ARP-9


Shipping to dealers this week is the new HPA powered Scorpion Evo. ASG has teamed with the folks at Wolverine Airsoft to produce a limited line of Evos that come hand built with the Inferno Gen 2 HPA unit. I have no doubt that these will make a lot of bbwarz warriors happy.


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pre production model for testing and evaluation so I know that a few minor things changed but for the most part what I tested is what you should expect to find if you pick one up from your local retailer. 

The Inferno gen 2 is a single solenoid drop in system which are quite popular among those who prefer to run HPA powered airsoft guns. With an estimated 15% improved air efficiency over the previous version you should be able to easily get a few thousand shots out of a standard 68ci tank. But keep in mind that will vary on your settings. 

The Evo comes stock with a 6.03x208mm tight bore inner barrel and despite its short stature it is very accurate. In fact in my own opinion the hop-up units in the Evo are some of the very best in airsoft right now. Now there was talk about ASG developing a new HPA specific bucking at Shot Show this year but further testing was needed before they head to market. 

So let’s cut to the chase here, it’s a Scorpion Evo we all know the form. What’s different is the internal power source. The build is very clean with no exposed wires or boards to get pinched or broke. The gun retains all of the fire selection settings of the aeg Evo with the gun being able to shoot semi-3 round burst-full auto. The stock ROF is nice and doesn’t require adjustment. And I guess that’s a consistent theme with this gun, it just works. Unlike most HPA systems this comes tuned and ready to play with right out of the box. No need for fitting and extensive tuning. Plug and Play! 

US retail is $529 and can be found HERE

Hang in there, the Krytac Vector is on the way. 

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock or stuck in your parent’s basement with no wifi you’ve probably caught wind that Krytac is set to release an AEG version of the ever popular Kriss Vector. The Vector has been a long time coming since licensing was pulled from KWA a couple years ago. 

With the announcement of the new Vector the biggest difference is of course is that the new Vector will be an AEG while the old version from KWA was gas blowback. The KWA version was a solid offering in gas as I think that nobody does gas blow back better than KWA it did have it’s limitations in my opinion. One big one was velocity. The GBB Vector shot hard, like 400fps+ hard which made it impossible to play cqb fields unless you bought a replacement bolt $$. And let’s be honest, you want to play cqb with the Vector. The second biggest drawback IMO with the GBB Vector was the cost of mags. Mags for the GBB Vector were $50+ a piece. That gets super pricey if you want to run it as a primary. Oh and don’t forget the upkeep and maintenance for those mags $$$. 

This brings us to the here and now with the AEG Vector just a couple weeks from release in the US. The physical specs are going to be the closest to the real deal since Krytac’s parent company is Kriss USA and makes the real Vector. But it also addresses the aforementioned issues I had with the GBB Vector. One, you will be able to adjust velocity via quick change spring for the cost of a spring. The Vector will come stock with an out of the box velocity of 330-350fps. The Vector even has a built in de-cocking function attached to the safety which relieves tension when switched into safe. Two, mags will be cheaper and easier to come by, not to mention you won’t have a heart attack if you accidentally drop one. 

I have noticed a few people online complaining about the new Vector’s price point of $449. Ummm news flash that’s the same price as the KWA one was with the AEG’s cost of ownership being lower because you won’t spend $300 in getting the mags needed to run a complete load out. And another big thing to consider is that this was a start from scratch project. A whole new gearbox design and tooling isn’t cheap. It’s not just taking a v2 gearbox and dropping inside an AR style body. 

The Krytac Vector drops in the US on June 30th at a price of $449 with the international release coming shorty thereafter. 

You can preorder yours HERE 

ASG is hiring! 

Want to get paid to do what you are probably already doing for free?? ASG is hiring a full time tech in the SoCal area. 

If this sounds like something you want to do shoot Bob over at ASG USA a message ASG Bob

You must have a really nice camera.

As a matter of fact I do, a reeeally nice camera. And you know what? It takes just as crappy photos as your potato cell phone camera. 

If I had a nickel for every time I heard some say “well you must have a really nice camera” I’d probably have enough to buy, well, a really nice camera. Just like anything in life it’s less the tool being used than the tool using using it. It is completely possible to take incredible photos with the cheap Nikon point and shoot your mom bought at Walmart 2 Christmases ago if you know how to use it. 

So what’s the point of this? For me to brag? To look down my lens at all the scrubs? No quite the contrary, I’m here to lend you some tips to help you improve your bbwarz photography so you can get more followers, get sponsored and make a gazillion dollars in the airsoft industry!!! (Btw there’s no money to be made in the airsoft industry) 

The absolute first thing you need to do is understand how your camera works. I’m not saying you need to read the owners manual cover to cover but at least browse through and see what the major menu functions are. Imagine being given a gun with the instructions being the pointy end goes towards the bad guys. Same principle. 

Next is you need to understand light and how light works. Photography is all about light. I could easily get into how ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture work and effect each other but I’m afraid I’d lose a lot of people and I don’t feel like getting a thumb cramp from typing it into my IPhone. So I’ll keep it simple and stick to the concept of light. 99.9% of you will be dealing with some sort of natural lighting and most of that will be in direct sunlight. If at all possible you want to avoid shooting in direct sunlight because it creates harsh shadows where half of your subject is blown out white or the shadows are pitch black either one gives you very little detail to work with. Try finding trees or shade to take your photos in. Preferably one that doesn’t have a background full of the aforementioned direct sunlight. One of the best ways to work around such things is changing your angle. We all walk around seeing the world at a height of somewhere between 4 and 6 feet. Changing your angle or perspective could not only help you in getting he best lighting but will also spice up the general look of your photos. 

Now on the flip side if you shoot indoors with little light or artificial light you will run into issues where your photos will tend to come out noisey. Noise is when you see all kinds of little specs in your picture especially in the blacks. Another common issue is blurry photos. Because it’s dark your camera needs more light in order to make the photo. To do this your camera’s shutter has to stay open longer which allows things to move and this become out of focus and blurred. If it’s not in focus delete it and try again. Blurry photos kill puppies. How to combat these issues when shooting inside? First consider using a tripod of something sturdy to support your camera. Second have your subject stay as still as possible. If you are shooting in a place like TacCity have your subject lean on a wall while you take the shot. This helps them stay as still as possible. Adjust your angle so it doesn’t look like a drunk Tiger Woods getting arrested and you are GTG. 

The last point I’ll touch on for the three of you who are still reading this is composition/stance. Simply put how you pose your people in the photo. DONT TAKE PHOTOS OF PEOPLE WITH THEIR GUNS POINTED AT THE CAMERA. That shit is so played out and basic looking you should slap yourself for thinking it’s remotely cool. Again mix it up and try something different. Change your angle, change the way the person is standing or holding their gun. This is where your own creativity comes in and if you need to put your Google skills to work to find some inspiration and put your own twist to it. 

There you have it, the rock solid path to becoming interwebs famous. Pretty soon you’ll have your very own Humvee and a private jet parked next to Jet DesertFox’s. 

Seriously though the key with anything is to keep shooting and shooting and shooting. Practice as much as you can and you will find yourself becoming more and more comfortable taking photos in all kinds of situations. 

If you’d like me to continue with some photography tips and dig a little deeper into this topic please chime in with a comment below.