Need info on airsoft? Ask my wife, she claims to know everything. Or just check out the goodies on this site. It’ll probably have what you need without all the hassle.

You should probably bookmark this site, so that you can satisfy your Airsoft urges in a more immediate fashion.

This site is all about dropping hot knowledge, mixed with a bit of entertainment, on fellow enthusiasts. Hopefully you can tell as you browse through the pages that I happen to love airsoft. I love it so much that I want to shout from atop a tall mountain, but I don’t have a mountain. I have a website with which to proclaim my aforementioned love. Some might even say that I’m obsessed with this wealth-reducing activity.

My goal for this site is to provide you, my favorite reader (don’t tell the other readers), with any and all of the best information on the web that you might need to further your obsession with the sport. Whether you’re looking for the biggest and best OPs or intel on the latest guns and gear, I plan to have it all here at your finger tips. The site will be continually updated to keep pace with the latest news, product releases and any other new developments in the world of 6mm (and sometimes 8mm) projectiles.

You might recognize some of the images or material as your own. If that is the case and you do NOT want it being used on this site, please use my contact page and let me know. I’ll remove it immediately. I’ve done my best to obtain permissions and credit the photographer, but some people are impossible to get a hold of. I should tell you that the reason it’s up on my site in the first place is because I found it to be awesome in some fashion and felt that others would feel that it was awesome as well. So you should be flattered, instead of angry, because I am pretty selective about what images I put on this site. There will probably be very little photos or videos that I actually take myself, so don’t think I’m trying to take credit for taking the photo. Again, I just want to show it off for others to enjoy as well. BUT, if you still want it taken down, just say so. No biggie. Hopefully we can still be friends.

I will warn you that I plan on giving my opinion once or twice (dare I say, thrice?) in some of the content. You might see opinions in content like the forth-coming reviews, discussion of events, brands, retailers, weapon types, etc. You’re more than welcome to completely disregard my opinions and cast your own judgment about the stuff you’re looking at. After all, who the heck am I (other than the guy who runs this site like a champ)? And by “champ,” I mean that it is likely this site will go down on occasion or look disfigured due to my incompetence as a site designer/webmaster. I ask/beg your patience if (when) that happens.

Airsoft will prevail.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about this sweet site. I assume you’ve all used a website prior to visiting this one. So pretty much click on whatever link warms that special place for you. And enjoy.

Additionally, in an effort to make this site the absolute shat, I would encourage you to send me suggestions on airsoft material to add or ways to improve the site. I will probably read everything that I’m sent, provided the incoming traffic remains manageable. I may even respond to your submissions or inquiries. I may also post some of the more absurd messages received on my private team forums for the purposes of laughing at the expense of the message’s author. Be advised.

You may send your site suggestions using the contact page located HERE.


Airsoft FTFW.

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