Airsoft Guns

I’m in love with a girl…
A girl named Airsoft Guns

airsoft guns

Without airsoft guns, there would be no airsoft (guess what grade I got in college philosophy). For me, it’s all about the guns. Of course, I love to get out on the field and shoot it out with a bunch of filthy tangos, but sometimes, I just like to sit and stare at my guns, and the guns of others on the internet.

I’m not a monogamous gun lover. I advocate involving yourself with guns of all different shapes, colors, and sizes (big guns need love, too). When it comes to the diameter of an inner barrel, I think we can all agree when I say the tighter the better. As for handguns, I prefer two at the same time. Not because I think it’s practical, but because the movie, Face-Off, has been highly influential in my life.

Airsoft has come a long way since its inception back in 1970s Japan. There’s a whole truckload of different weapon types now, and it’s those different types that make up this section of intel. I’ve done my best to organize the information on the various makes and models in a user-friendly fashion. And by user-friendly, I mean I put them the way I like them. I’m sorry.

Automatic Electric Guns
airsoft guns,airsoft aeg

Gas-Powered Guns
airsoft guns,propane gas,green gas

Spring-Powered Guns
airsoft guns,airsoft spring guns,vsr-10 spring

Submachine Guns
airsoft guns,submachine guns

Light Machine Guns
airsoft saw,light machine guns

Heavy Machine Guns
airsoft minigun,airsoft,m134

Assault Rifles
airsoft guns,assault rifles

Designated Marksman Rifles
airsoft guns,designated marksman rifle

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

airsoft guns,airsoft sniper rifles

Race Guns

Semi-Automatic Handguns
airsoft guns,airsoft handguns

airsoft guns,airsoft revolvers

airsoft guns,airsoft grenades

Grenade Launchers
airsoft guns,airsoft grenade launcher,rocket launcher


airsoft guns,airsoft shotguns

Rocket Launchers (RPGs)
airsoft guns,rocket launcher,rpg


airsoft guns,howitzer,artillery

Custom Guns
airsoft guns,airsoft custom gun

Gun Accessories
airsoft guns,airsoft gun accessories

Internal Gun Parts

airsoft guns,airsoft gun parts

Gun Reviews

airsoft guns,airsoft gun reviews


One can never have too many Airsoft guns.
airsoft guns
Image Courtesy Matt Bibby, Flickr.

Even if they’re all Western Arms Airsoft Handguns
airsoft guns,western arms pistols,handguns
Image Courtesy I Love Western Arms

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