Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Airsoft Snipers, and Interpreting Shakespeare’s Sonnets

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Mantis Airsoft Sniper Rifles from Right Hook Fabrication

…K. The idiots should be gone now (I lied about the Shakespeare stuff. It was just a scare tactic). Now it’s just us: You. Me. And Airsoft. And in this case, specifically the subject of airsoft sniper rifles and their operators (airsoft snipers, smarty).

Who am I to be discussing this sensitive and delicate subject? Well, my main qualification for discussing this subject is that I’ve seen the movie, Shooter, with Mark Wahlberg and let’s just say that I took some notes. Consequently, I’m now an expert on all things airsoft sniper related. See how that works? It’s science (For those you that are too stuck up to have a sense of humor, that was a joke). I can’t guarantee that there’s going to be much structure to this page but I will do my best. I’m just going to get right into my thoughts.

First, I’d like to address the idea of snipers in the realm of airsoft. It’s definitely a special niche within this little lifestyle. I’ve heard arguments on both sides to the “are airsoft snipers relevant?” debate given the limited range of airsoft sniper rifles. The answer is yes…and no. It really depends on your level of skill as a shooter as well as how consistent your rifle is. And TECHNICALLY, my understanding of a true sniper’s roll is primarily a recon element, relaying intel back to command from a concealed FFP (fixed firing position). Often times, real snipers will deploy out into the area of operation (AO) and not fire a single shot, yet still have served a valuable purpose by penetrating deep behind enemy lines, undetected, in an effort to relay valuable intel on the OPFOR’s movement. However, this is Airsoft and if you can’t shoot people with your airsoft gun from time to time, then “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” is the point?


airsoft sniper rifles,airsoft dragonov

Airsoft Dragonov Photo by Trasher

Airsoft Sniper Rifle (The Gun):

There is relevancy to the airsoft sniper role, HOWEVER, certain elements and variables need to be in place. For starters, one must possess an extremely upgraded platform with which to not only engage, but CONSISTENTLY HIT targets at ranges farther than most AEGs can reach. 80 yards is a good start but not the finish line, if you catch my metaphor. There are several worthwhile models of airsoft sniper rifles out on the market at present. There are a number of models that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll and therefore I won’t even bother to discuss them, as I don’t want to encourage you to waste your time and especially your money on purchasing one, thinking you’re going to have an effective tool for long-range interdiction on the airsoft field. If you do, you won’t be able to blame me for your stupidity and/or ignorance. With the abundance of forums containing copious amounts of user-reviews, there’s really no excuse for not being able to do your homework prior to purchasing an airsoft product.

Good places to start gathering intel on your next project would be the “Sniping Haven” boards on the Arnies Airsoft forums or the “Sniper’s Perch” boards on Airsoft Retreat forums. There’s more than enough between the two sites to get you headed in the right direction. There is a caveat to both boards that I would highly advise adhering to: read first, ask questions later. People don’t like it when one creates a new topic wherein said individual asks a question that has been clearly answer at least once in another thread. Weird. Holy Tangent, Batman!!! I’ve gone way off on one, haven’t I? Alright, if you’re still with me at this point, I’d say you’ve definitely earned a visual stimulation break.

airsoft sniper rifles airsoft sniper rifles
Airsoft Sniper Rifle Photos Courtesy
W2Sam, Black_Jack


So let’s get a bit more specific about acceptable platform options for your sniping needs (in no particular order).


Tanaka M700 Police Model*
airsoft sniper rifles
airsoft sniper rifles
airsoft sniper rifles

Tanaka M24 SWS
airsoft sniper rifles
SWS Fluted (fluted barrel makes the rifle lighter in weight, theoretically)
airsoft sniper rifles
Photo Courtesy Redwolf Airsoft

Tanaka M40 Models
airsoft sniper rifles

Tanaka M700 AICS models
airsoft sniper rifles
airsoft sniper rifles
Kuan Ju Works (KJW) M700 Police Model* (Tanaka Clone)
airsoft sniper rifles
*Do NOT get the “Take-Down” model from either the Tanaka or KJW brands.
airsoft sniper rifles
There are numerous reports of air leakage issues.*


Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Models
airsoft sniper rifles
airsoft sniper rifles
Real Shock
airsoft sniper rifles

Jing Gong (JG) Bar-10 (VSR-10 Clone)
airsoft sniper rifles

Classic Army M24
Heavy Outer Barrel
airsoft sniper rifles
Fluted Outer Barrel
airsoft sniper rifles
Maruzen APS2
airsoft sniper rifles

Ok. I know that I said earlier that I wasn’t going to discuss airsoft sniper rifles that you should NOT get, but after IMMEDIATELY breaking that promise by telling you not to get the M700 Takedown model from either Tanaka or KJW, I’ve decided that while I’m at it, I should add one more to the black list:

The Barrett M82A1 airsoft sniper rifle.
airsoft sniper rifles

BUT WHHHYYY?!?!?!?!?!? You might ask. Well let me clarify. If you just want to take pictures either with it or of it and keep on your wall as artwork, that’s cool. But DON’T buy it, thinking you’re going to win any sniper competitions with it. Additionally, for those of you that just adore this rifle and think that running this rifle on the field will make you look like a real airsoft sniper, I’ve got some very unpleasant news for you: Real snipers don’t like the Barrett. At all. They say it’s garbage. Hot garbage. I’m just the messenger here, so don’t blame me for raining on your parade. As my sweet mother always says to me after she tells me something I don’t like hearing, “I’m just tellin’ ya.”

Alright. Enough negativity. So I’ve mentioned various airsoft sniper rifles that are upgradeable to very accurate performance levels. None of the rifles mentioned are very accurate in their stock form. They all must be modified in order to be considered a respectable tool for an airsoft sniper. So what are these upgrades I keep talking about? Well, obviously it depends on the rifle. And when I say upgrades, I mean basically anything you do to enhance the aesthetics or performance of the rifle. If you’d like more info on upgrades for your airsoft sniper rifle, you’ll have to click here for my Tips and Tricks section.


airsoft sniper rifles,airsoft m40,6mm hunters

Airsoft Sniper Photo by The BauerAirsoft Sniper (The Craft):

Ok, so remember how I said you’d need a totally dialed-out rifle in your quest to become an airsoft sniper? Yea, well there’s a catch. You have to be able to shoot it properly in order to be truly effective and not to mention in order to call yourself an airsoft sniper. If you’ve got a $2000, 2000-hour setup, yet can’t seem to hit the proverbial broad side of the barn, then,

You’re just a dude with a very nice airsoft sniper rifle.

But you’re not a sniper. The rifle is merely a precision tool which will assist you in accomplishing your mission: to shoot bad guys from a long ways away. So how do you learn to shoot well? Here’s a wild thought: head out to your buddy’s place out in the country (or someplace away from civilization), set up a target or two at a range of 80 yards or more, and practice.

Things to consider when honing your skills:
– What direction is the wind blowing?
– What speed is the wind blowing?
– What brand of BBs are you using?
– How heavy are your BBs?
– What velocity does your sniper rifle chrono at?
– Are you shooting on a bench rest/shooting bag/stable platform/etc?
– Does the effort it takes to pull the trigger affect your accuracy?

THE GHILLIE SUITairsoft sniper concealment,ghillie suit

Airsoft Sniper Concealment Photo by

Concealment, specifically utilizing the ghillie suit, is worthy of its own page. Click HERE or The Photo Above for enlightenment on ghillie suits done the USMC Scout Sniper way.


More to come….


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