Best CQB Gun Ever?

Airsoft is awesome, there's no arguing that. One of the things that make it awesome is that there are ton of different ways to play and an equal amount of ways to have fun doing so. CQB or Speedsoft is a widely popular style of play among younger players and the new ARP-9 from G&G ARMAMENT may be the best gun ever for that type of play.

So here's the skinny: the gun comes stock with a mosfet, has a polymer body, a metal M-lok front rail system, flip up iron sights, flat trigger, and a 300 round hicap stick magazine. The drum mag pictured is optional and holds approx 1500 bb's.

My copy of the gun that I had for testing shot right at 350 +/- 3fps which is perfect for most cqb arenas and surprisingly has a good amount of range for a lower velocity aeg.

The stock on the ARP-9 is unique and rather cool looking imo. Battery space wise you can fit a buffer tube battery, I used an 11.1v 800mah.

I don't play a lot of "speedsoft" but if I did this would be exactly what I would want to use. Small and light weight with the power of a full size gearbox (with mosfet) make this hard to beat when playing in tight areas where you have to make quick snap shots around corners. Add the optional drum mag and you don't even need to wear any gear! Heck, you'll run out of battery before you need to reload.

Retail is around $200usd ARP-9

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