Chris Costa

 Chris Costa, Costa Ludus, magpul dynamics, Shot show 2013, Airsoft Obsessed, Tom Harris Media, Tominator,What to say about this man and his beard that hasn’t already been said?  I mean, the guy is a freakin’ living legend.  He is incredibly handy with the steel, if you know what I mean, so by Warren G’s standards, I’d say he’s fit to be a bonafied Regulator.  Where my 90’s hip-hop fans at?!?Anyway, if you don’t know who Chris Costa is, you are probably new to guns, whether it be Airsoft or real firearms.  Go ahead and Google him.  I WILL tell you that he is the CEO of Costa Ludus, which is his school for learning how to shoot stuff good and to do other tactical stuff good, too.  It could be argued that Mr. Costa’s rise to fame and (probably) fortune came from his role as President of Magpul Dynamics.  While there as President, the beard not only became a household name in the firearms training world, but he, along with his homie, Travis Haley (former CEO of Magpul Dynamics), created a few unique and/or, dare I say it, revolutionary products through their manufacturing arm, Magpul Industries.  Products like the Angled Fore Grip, for example, which is an accessory that I pretty much put on all my rifles that will allow it now.  I find them to be extremely ergonomic for the way my hand likes to sit underneath the hand guard or rail system of the rifle I happen to be wielding at any given time.

In the following video, which I obtained while hanging out at Shot Show 2013, I had the privilege of doing a very impromptu interview with the man, the beard, the legend at the ADS/Tactical Distributors booth.  We talked about a few different topics, all centered around him, of course.  Naturally, I had to address the matter of his beard being awesome.  Here is the footage that followed…

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