CQB City Airsoft Arena

 School’s out and summer is here and no better time to step up your airsoft gaming. For me that meant it was time to pay  CQB City Airsoft Arena in Stockton California a visit. For those living in the central and northern part of California CQB City has been a staple of CQB style play for many years. Continually changing the layout of the field has helped keep it fresh and the players wanting to come back for more. You may also know CQB City as the home of one Arwin S., aka The Milsim Junkie.

This trip to CQB City was a good one for me even before the first bb was slung. So many times I have traveled to games solo or with a battle buddy, but this was a game that would be attended by a majority of my team, Level 10. With many of us being older and with families, we don’t get to roll 15-20 deep much but when we do  it’s usually something special and I was excited.

For those wondering, CQB City has a 400fps limit and zero engagement distance. Yes you read correct, zero engagement distance. The caveat to that is that within 25 feet head shots are not allowed. I strongly recommend a full face protection if going to the City. One other thing, there is a large kill house in the middle of the field which is where you will always find meat grinder type action. This kill house, does not require you to transition to a side arm. You can roll through with an aeg if you like(although I wouldn’t recommend it).

Games start with sticks of 10-15 players from each team loaded up into “strikers” which is supposed to simulate being infilled to an AO. These are rooms that have both ends closed and a game admin who releases you into the gaming zone by dropping a door and giving you the green light as seen below in the photo at the beginning of a game.

Our team was broken down into 2 squads with one team assigned to the exterior of the killhouse and one team tasked to take, clear, and hold the house. I was in charge of the team taking the killhouse. We have practiced this before, stacking and flooding into rooms overwhelming the opposition. And with the help of Tedy and his street sweeper we did just that taking the entire killhouse in less than 3 minutes.

Unfortunately for Tedy, he would get his red dot shot out later in the day. But as with any airsoft game, its a struggle that sees the momentum swing from side to side many times within a given battle. I was the recipient of at least a dozen nice welts to my arms from taking and losing the kill house. But as easy as it would have been to get mad and storm off, I had fun with it letting out an over exaggerated death yell when I would get shot. Or let out a loud “Airsoft wooohooo” as I would run to get back to the spot I had been shot out a few moments before.

In the end airsoft is a fun sport that lets you hang out with your buddies and forget about responsibility for a few hours. By the time I was in my truck headed south on the 99, I had already forgotten if we won or lost the games because it doesn’t matter. There’s no scoreboard with your kill to death ratio or kill streak hanging on the wall(although I’m sure wish there was), just some battle scars and good memories.

Below you will find the photos that I was able to take when I wasn’t busy getting shot up.

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