Hang in there, the Krytac Vector is on the way. 

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock or stuck in your parent’s basement with no wifi you’ve probably caught wind that Krytac is set to release an AEG version of the ever popular Kriss Vector. The Vector has been a long time coming since licensing was pulled from KWA a couple years ago. 

With the announcement of the new Vector the biggest difference is of course is that the new Vector will be an AEG while the old version from KWA was gas blowback. The KWA version was a solid offering in gas as I think that nobody does gas blow back better than KWA it did have it’s limitations in my opinion. One big one was velocity. The GBB Vector shot hard, like 400fps+ hard which made it impossible to play cqb fields unless you bought a replacement bolt $$. And let’s be honest, you want to play cqb with the Vector. The second biggest drawback IMO with the GBB Vector was the cost of mags. Mags for the GBB Vector were $50+ a piece. That gets super pricey if you want to run it as a primary. Oh and don’t forget the upkeep and maintenance for those mags $$$. 

This brings us to the here and now with the AEG Vector just a couple weeks from release in the US. The physical specs are going to be the closest to the real deal since Krytac’s parent company is Kriss USA and makes the real Vector. But it also addresses the aforementioned issues I had with the GBB Vector. One, you will be able to adjust velocity via quick change spring for the cost of a spring. The Vector will come stock with an out of the box velocity of 330-350fps. The Vector even has a built in de-cocking function attached to the safety which relieves tension when switched into safe. Two, mags will be cheaper and easier to come by, not to mention you won’t have a heart attack if you accidentally drop one. 

I have noticed a few people online complaining about the new Vector’s price point of $449. Ummm news flash that’s the same price as the KWA one was with the AEG’s cost of ownership being lower because you won’t spend $300 in getting the mags needed to run a complete load out. And another big thing to consider is that this was a start from scratch project. A whole new gearbox design and tooling isn’t cheap. It’s not just taking a v2 gearbox and dropping inside an AR style body. 

The Krytac Vector drops in the US on June 30th at a price of $449 with the international release coming shorty thereafter. 

You can preorder yours HERE 

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