The Heavy Machine Gun: This BBW needs love and likes to be belt-fed at meal times

This section is all about the big girls in the group:

The Heavy Machine Gunheavy machine gun

In the context of airsoft, this type of weaponry is a rarity on the field. However, it DOES exist in two forms that I have been able to find. One being a replica of the M2 Browning .50 cal machine gun and the other being a copy of the General Electric M134 Minigun.

In the context of real steel, these guns are generally characterized as being capable of rapidly firing large caliber rounds (typically in the .50 caliber neighborhood), usually via disintegrating belt-fed system. They are also designed to handle firing for a prolonged period of time.

But back to airsoft. There are definitely some similarities between the characteristics of the real steel models and their airsoft counterparts. For example, the M2 airsoft replica can fire a “larger-caliber” 8mm projectile, instead of the common 6mm BB. Both the airsoft M2 and the M134 Minigun are capable of prolonged firing as well, which is great for using suppressing fire to aid your squad’s advancing movement, horrible for your OPFOR.

For more information on either the airsoft M2 .50 cal or the M134, click on the following images.

The Browning M2HB .50 Cal Machine Gun
M2 Machine Gun, heavy machine gun, Ma Deuce

M134 Minigun
airsoft minigun, heavy machine gun, m134

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