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At long last, the KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft GBB submachine gun has found its way into my possession via the good people at It’s been quite a journey to get to this point. I recall two years ago, being at Shot Show and getting word that there would be a prototype coming soon.

Here is Part I of my video review for the Vector, uploaded to the Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube Channel (Make sure you’re a subscriber!). If you’d prefer to read about it, you can click on any of the images in this section to see my review on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog.

Here is Part II of II for my video review of the Vector, which was, again, uploaded to the Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube. If you’d like to purchase the KWA KRISS Vector, you can do so by clicking the following link:

Buy the Buy the Vector at Pyramyd Air

Make sure to stock up on extra mags:
Extra magazines for the Vector

kwa kriss vector, airsoft submachine gun, airsoft obsessed, tom harris, tominator, dave baks,
Yes, it did take quite awhile for this sweet SWISS thing to make it into production, but I really think that KWA went all in on this one.  It’s a pretty impressive piece to say the very least and I think it was worth the wait.
kwa kriss vector, airsoft submachine gun, airsoft obsessed, tom harris, tominator, dave baks,
kwa kriss vector, airsoft submachine gun, airsoft obsessed, tom harris, tominator, dave baks,

To read the full review, click here: 
KWA KRISS Vector Airsoft Submachine Gun Review

Shot Show 2012 Coverage

The Prototype is Announced

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KWA’s KRISS Vector at their booth was pretty much the first stop for anyone who calls themselves a legitimate Shot Show 2012 Airsoft media correspondent.

Of course, I was one of the first in the world to get a one-on-one look at the Airsoft KRISS prototype inside KWA’s private meeting room. This was just minutes after meeting not only Kyle Lamb, CEO of Viking Tactics, but also former Magpul CEO & current owner of Haley Strategic Partners, Travis Haley. So naturally, I was feeling like a pretty big winner.

The gun will feature a 50-round green gas magazine, a functional brass-check feature, which, on the Airsoft version, will be for checking to see whether a BB has been chambered or not. The Vector will also feature a small storage compartment inside the pistol grip, along with a mixture of metal parts and polymer parts to comprise the KRISS’s solid frame. The internal parts, which are also featured in the video, will function very similarly to the actual KRISS Super V system, with a vertical action rather than the traditional horizontal action found in pretty much all other firearms & Airsoft replicas alike.

Taken from the KWA press release: “The KWA KRISS Vector GBB is the exclusive training counterpart to the .45 ACP KRISS Vector submachine gun and mimics every feature found in the firearm, including the patented KRISS Super V system. Law enforcement and military professionals will appreciate the authentic replication of the external controls down to the field stripping procedures. The gun is undergoing extensive field-testing, with production and delivery scheduled for this summer. Street price for the Vector is expected to be below $400.”

To be honest, this thing has me worn out on excitement. I’m probably not going to get excited about it again until it’s actually released and I can actually field one. But it was certainly a breath of fresh air to get my hands on an extremely impressive prototype.

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