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airsoft m14
Image Courtesy Chikchack of Airsoft Infidels
m14,designated marksman rifle

M14 Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

If you’re down with the Airsoft M14 rifle, then I’m down with you. Plain and simple. Anybody who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to Airsoft will tell you that this lovely lady is one of the most accurate airsoft rifles on the market. Specifically the Tokyo Marui and Classic Armyairsoft aeg,tokyo marui logoairsoft aeg,classic army logomodels, primarily due their hop-up designs. As a very important side-note, I am very attracted to this sweet rifle visually as well. There are certain ways to trick them out that just get my gearbox all hot and bothered.

airsoft M14, designated marksman rifle

Airsoft M14 Photo from

Real Steel Origins…sort of.
Ok, not really much here on that.

You may be interested to know a bit about theirairsoft,USMC,M14,DMR

Airsoft M14 DM Rifle Image Courtesy Vercingetorix
real steel history before we get balls-deep into the airsoft stuff and therefore I feel obligated to copy and paste some of the more pertinent points you can find about these rifles on Google.

Well….after Googling things, I got distracted (stupid A.D.D.). I just spent 45 minutes browsing the Google images section, looking at various pics of attractive guns and NOT looking up any sort of real steel history. So here it is in a nutshell off the top of my head:

– They evolved from the M1 Garand around or after the time of World War I/II, to improve on some of the short-comings of that rifle. Let’s just say the .30-06 caliber rounds used in M1 Garands weren’t exactly the most practical choice for an “assault” rifle given the heavy recoil of that particular round. Good ol’ hindsight.

– These rifles utilize the 7.62mm NATO round.

– They are awesome.

– Springfield Armory is probably the most well-known manufacturer and currently offer civilian and police models under the designation M1A on their official website.

– The military-issue models can fire in full-auto, although I would imagine it would be pretty difficult to hit your intended target, given the nature of the corresponding recoil associated with the large, 7.62mm caliber rounds used.

– They have seen quite a bit of action in Iraq and Afghanistan by various branches of the U.S. Military when its necessary to engage longer-range targets than what the standard assault rifle can reach.

airsoft m14,designated marksman rifle

Sexy M14 Photo found on Google Images

If I were wearing pants right now, I’d be pitching a tent at the sight of all those rifles lined up, with suppressors and bipods and bears (don’t make me say “Oh my.” That last sentence was lame enough as is).

airsoft m14 match rifle,designated marksman rifle

airsoft m14 socom scout,designated marksman rifle
airsoft m14 EBR,designated marksman rifle
USMC Airsoft M39 EMR,M14,Airsoft designated marksman rifle
airsoft m14,marine corps designated marksman rifle

As far as the Airsoft models are concerned, they can be made to fit most roles. They currently make two outer barrel lengths for the M14. The standard length outer barrel is sometimes referred to as the Match version (top right), whereas the shorter-length barrel is referred to as the SOCOM or Scout version (2nd from Top).

There are a couple body kits available, including the Mk14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) kit made for Tokyo Marui rifles. Classic Army actually offers an EBR that’s been already built (3rd from Top). Additionally, some of the major airsoft retailers carry the M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle (EMR), used by the Marines, among others. You’ll notice, other than the color difference, the EMR has a longer outer barrel. I believe G&P makes the EBR body kit for the Marui. Speaking of which, they also make a body kit for the Marui that replicates the U.S. Marine Corps Designated Marksman Rifle (bottom).

Here are some “tacticool” soldiers taking a break from breaking rebel Iraqi faces to look good with their M14 EMRs (and an M4).
m14,Iraq,OIF,designated marksman rifle

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The rifles here appear to be M14 EBRs. But I could be wrong.
Either way, I think they’re t!ts.
airsoft m14 ebr,designated marksman rifle,dmr


Well played, Gerkahn.
Airsoft,USMC,M14,DMR,Designated Marksman Rifle
Airsoft M14 DM Rifle Image Courtesy Gerkahn

Here’s a gorgeous Airsoft M21, which for those of you that haven’t checked out my DMR page, is the U.S. Army’s version of an M14 Designated Marksman Rifle.
airsoft,m14,m21,dmr,designated marksman rifle
Image Copyright Flolito, All Rights Reserved.

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