Shipping to dealers this week is the new HPA powered Scorpion Evo. ASG has teamed with the folks at Wolverine Airsoft to produce a limited line of Evos that come hand built with the Inferno Gen 2 HPA unit. I have no doubt that these will make a lot of bbwarz warriors happy.


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pre production model for testing and evaluation so I know that a few minor things changed but for the most part what I tested is what you should expect to find if you pick one up from your local retailer. 

The Inferno gen 2 is a single solenoid drop in system which are quite popular among those who prefer to run HPA powered airsoft guns. With an estimated 15% improved air efficiency over the previous version you should be able to easily get a few thousand shots out of a standard 68ci tank. But keep in mind that will vary on your settings. 

The Evo comes stock with a 6.03x208mm tight bore inner barrel and despite its short stature it is very accurate. In fact in my own opinion the hop-up units in the Evo are some of the very best in airsoft right now. Now there was talk about ASG developing a new HPA specific bucking at Shot Show this year but further testing was needed before they head to market. 

So let’s cut to the chase here, it’s a Scorpion Evo we all know the form. What’s different is the internal power source. The build is very clean with no exposed wires or boards to get pinched or broke. The gun retains all of the fire selection settings of the aeg Evo with the gun being able to shoot semi-3 round burst-full auto. The stock ROF is nice and doesn’t require adjustment. And I guess that’s a consistent theme with this gun, it just works. Unlike most HPA systems this comes tuned and ready to play with right out of the box. No need for fitting and extensive tuning. Plug and Play! 

US retail is $529 and can be found HERE

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