American Milsim’s Op Faded Giant 2

Op Faded Giant 2

Story and photos by Dave Baks

American Milsim is well known for putting on some of the very best milsim events anywhere in the country. Their most recent, Op Faded Giant 2 is no exception. The event took place at GTI(Government Training Facility) in Barnwell SC, which is by all means in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been to South Carolina plenty of times to visit family but the drive to GTI felt like it would never end. Turn after turn I was left thinking where in the heck am I going and how is there anything cool out here?

Oh how wrong I was(and very glad I was). GTI will go down as the coolest place I have ever been lucky enough to sling plastic at. I can’t even really describe it in words. There were large rooms, small rooms, stairwells, and endless number of dark hallways going in every direction. To top it off Frosty tells us there’s even a ghost in the place, and I think I agree with him but that’s a story for another day. Below you can see yourself what the AO looked like and what you missed out on!

So on to the actual game. As with any American Milsim event, hours of planning and story writing go into putting on a game experience that will leave each player with a lasting memory.  The UFS forces under the direction of JP were more than up to the challenge thrown down by the Big Silva lead Cost forces. The UFS team was designated as the tan side while Cost is designated to the green. In case anybody was wondering I played on the Cost side at Broken Home 2 and again here at Faded Giant.  I wish I could tell you what the master game plan was heading into the game but I can’t. I was busy doing photo shoots as soon as I put boots on the ground Friday which left me little time to get the game plan. But I wasn’t too worried as the guys I was rolling with in squad 5 had their stuff together and I knew we would roll. For the record squad 5 had Team Mako, Jet Desert Fox, Elite Force Andy, Spartan117GW, Matt Washington, Javier from O.G.O. and myself.

I won’t bore you with a long winded AAR of what we did, let me summarize for you….We killed some tangos, moved around the field, took some buildings, got shot some, killed more tangos, had an AWESOME time. If you want more be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for gameplay videos.

I heard that at the end when the points were totaled Cost won(not that it really matters that much), the fact that I had fun and left with great memories is what really mattered.

Photos from Operation: DevTsix – An Event to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation

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Here are some shots I took while attending Operation: DevTsix on October 19th, 2013. This was an event to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. There were raffle prizes, an auction of awesome gear that generated over $1,500 for the Navy SEAL Foundation, and of course, sweet DEVGRU kits. Plenty of AOR1 & AOR2. You might even say it was an #AORgy. That’s right. I’m claiming that hashtag and running with it. I suggest you jump on board the #AORgy train, cuz you know it’s a high-speed rail. Get it? Ok, moving on. Just check out the pics.